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The Open Air Summer Theater

Here, where motion pictures are shown today was, according to the plans of the Austrians, supposed to have been a huge “health resort palace” (Kurpalast) with dance and concert halls, a pool with simulated waves, shops and cafés.

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Church of the Annunciation

As early as 1906 the bishop of Trieste, Franjo Nagl, laid the foundation stone for the neo-Romanesque edifice with its pronounced green cupola that can be seen from afar.

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Villa Amalia

It was built in 1890 as an annex to the six years older hotel Kvarner.

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The Port

From the pier, which has for the townspeople of Opatija on several occasions in history been the scene of important events (the dismay caused by the arrival of the Italian navy in December of 1918, the celebration of the capitulation of Italy in September 1943), one has the best view of the entire “North Strand” (Nordstrand).

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Lungomare (The Seaside Promenade)

Built in phases, this path stretches from Preluka to Lovran and its total length is approximately 12 kilometers.

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Croatian Walk of Fame

Croatian Walk of Fame is located in Opatija's Slatina. The first eight are set to honor Nikola Tesla, Miroslav Radman, Dragutin Tadijanovic Krleza, Drazen Petrovic, Janica Kostelic, Kresimir Cosic and Oliver Dragojevic.

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Villa Minach

In the house next to the Amfora restaurant the Hungarian count Gyula Andrássy spent the last days of his life as a political rebel and advocate for the Dual Monarchy. It has been rumored that the empress Elisabeth paid him three unofficial visits here - were the two of them really lovers?

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The Croatian Museum of Tourism

The Croatian Museum of Tourism is a specialized national institution that gathers, keeps, researches and presents material and non-material tourist heritage.

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Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Astronomical Centre Rijeka comprises 545 m2 of closed space and 325 m2 of open space. It includes a planetarium, an observatory, a conference room, a meeting room, multimedia workshop, ticket office, a café, and a panoramic terrace at the roof of the building. The facilities are entirely adapted to the needs of the users with limited mobility.
Location: Sveti Križ Hill (45° 19’ 29’’ latitude N and 14° 28’ 59’’ longitude E), 3 km from the city centre

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A beach situated in the centre of Opatija with numerous facilities and a Blue Flag.

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