Location View Description Started Camera Model Image Size GPS Direction
Hotel Milenij,
Opatija, Slatina
Maiden With Seagull & Lungomare January 2007 AXIS P1343 800x450 45°20'0,90''N 14°18' 21,41''E E 090°
Location View Description Started Camera Model Image Size GPS Direction
Hotel Milenij,
Opatija - Slatina
Opatija Panorama from the Hotel roof March 2010 AXIS P1346 1920x1080 45°20'2,60''N 14°18' 21,32''E SSW 195°
Location View Description Started Camera Model Image Size GPS Direction
Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta,
Opatija - Tržnica
Main Street Cam - Maršala Tita (next to no.81) April 2010 AXIS 211 640x480 45°20'17,23''N 14°18' 32,52''E SW 225°
Location View Description Started Camera Model Image Size GPS Direction
Bella Vista,
Opatija - Pančera
Slatina Beach panorama June 2011 AXIS M1114 1280x800 45°19'52,55''N 14°18' 9,23''E NNE 010°
Location View Description Started Camera Model Image Size GPS Direction
Villa Dinka,
Volosko - Port
Volosko Port Panorama November 2011 AXIS P1344 1280x800 45°21'7,08''N 14°19' 21,02''E SSE 160°

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Sandra - 27.02.2015 14:57

Dear Admin

Wonderful to see the Lungomare in the sunshine. What is happening with the other 4 cameras? It is nearly Spring, and tourists want to see Opatija at its best.

GINETTE - 19.02.2015 12:48





Bubi - 19.02.2015 00:34

Siola muć mon

siola - 18.02.2015 12:05

Tolle Live Bilder???

Admin - 16.02.2015 14:46


Problems with Cam 3...

Working on it.

Admin - 11.02.2015 18:43


I'll try to fix street cam before weekend and Slatina cam this month...

Sandra - 11.02.2015 14:58

Dear Admin

Great to see the Slatina and Lungomare in the sun!

Are you working on fixing the webcams for the Main Street and the Temporary Offline webcam?

Mirno More - 27.01.2015 07:26

Dear ADMIN, thanks for your work on the webcams and for cleaning up the comment list. A good day to all of you ;-)

Eva - 26.01.2015 10:40

Yesss... Admin team thank you!

I hope I will come soon, even just for caffe and even I am around 150 km away.

Puno pozdrava!

Admin - 22.01.2015 15:16

Meteo station is ready again...
Wind speed and direction are not correct for the moment because of station location

Now, you have to come... ;)

Admin - 21.01.2015 12:48

Poštovani korisnici, dragi prijatelji Opatije...
Ukoliko u komentarima na bilo kojem jeziku (posebno njemačkom) prepoznate govor mržnje ili vrijeđanje po bilo kojoj osnovi, molim vas da me na isti upozorite postom i citatom (vremenom objave) kako bismo istu promptno uklonili.

Bubi, daj se skuliraj... Čemu prepucavanje sa gostima?

Neki ljudi ovdje žive od turizma....

deva - 20.01.2015 18:31

hey eva, isnt it a lil bit too far away for a coffee ?

Eva - 20.01.2015 10:59

we would come to the coffe in Opatija if we could see on web cameras how warm is there :)

Đoni - 19.01.2015 16:42

Imam jedno pitanje za Admina:- da nisi ti kojim slučajem poturčeni balija ?

mira - 05.01.2015 16:16

zelim sve naijboglie svim opatijzima auguro di cuore buon anno a tutti gli abbaziani evviva la bella opatija.......ee..


LOTR - 01.01.2015 13:12

Try on our other site:

Diane - 01.01.2015 12:51

You have another problem too. If one wants NOT to use "slide show", and one chooses only camera 1, it immediately flips off to camera 3. So it is impossible to watch the kukali today. Are you EVER going to fix camera 2??? Thanks.

Mirella - 01.01.2015 11:56

Zelim Svima Sve Najbolje u 2015.. NEKA VAM BILA SRETNA NOVA GODINA....

LOTR - 01.01.2015 11:23


P.S. I know, I know... Cam 3 & 5.
Storage volume problems. I'll try to fix that tommorow...

stefani - 01.01.2015 10:35

Ime, puno hvala i svako Vam dobro u ovom Novom ljetu....

Ime - 31.12.2014 18:32

@Stefani li preciznije: http://pljusak.com/meteo.php?stanica=opatija

Sandra - 31.12.2014 00:04


Thanks so much for the webcams. Will be flying out to Opatija tomorrow to celebrate 2015.

Sretna Nova Godina

lina - 30.12.2014 16:47

Na also, wird doch alles wieder. allen Opatijaliebhabern ein Gutes Neues Jahr

LOTR - 30.12.2014 14:40

1,3,4,5 ONLINE Enjoy!

Lindolfo - 27.12.2014 15:52

Thank you so much, now I can to follow the Opatija life everyday...

Mirella - 25.12.2014 14:13

Sretan Blagoslovljen Bozic,, Zelim Svima Opatijcima....

Barba z Ameriki - 20.12.2014 15:47

Kade je nas LOTR zelimo da nam dojde nazad i popravi situaciju od nas ljubitelja Opatije

Sandra - 20.12.2014 15:37

Thanks for your efforts. I really appreciate the live webcams.

Sretan Bozic

Hasi - 15.12.2014 23:08

Wann scheint die Sonne wieder für uns ? ??

Sandra - 14.12.2014 13:00

Thanks. It is good to know someone is dealing with the problem, and good to see the Lungomare Looking forward to seeing it again in person quite soon.

Lindolfo - 13.12.2014 14:27

I really hope that the problems are resolved for my joy.
Good luck!

Hasi - 12.12.2014 23:20

Danke für alles

Sandra - 11.12.2014 21:22

Yes. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate your efforts.

Good Luck!

Admin - 11.12.2014 15:23

Serious problems with server...
Sorry folks. Come back in 2-3 days.

Elisabeth - 11.12.2014 10:16

Vielen Dank für die Information und freundliche Grüße nach Opatija

Admin - 10.12.2014 16:00

@Elisabeth and others
Dear visitors.The main reason why cameras don't work is price of support and some server congestion problems lately.
We are doing our best to keep them alive and improve service within our budget.
Thank you for understanding.

Elisabeth - 08.12.2014 13:39

Liebe Verantwortliche, gebt uns doch bitte mal eine Antwort, warum die Webcams nicht mehr repariert werden. Es ist so schade!

Franz - 30.11.2014 11:23

Bitte richtet die Webcams damit sie wieder aktuell sind . Danke

drago - 20.11.2014 10:07

hallo mirno,die Wahrheit ist immer schmerzlich,aber wahr eben.

Mirno more - 20.11.2014 09:59

Lieber Drago und alle die Ihren Kommentare auf dieser Seite freien Lauf lassen : Jedes Land hat seine Eigenheiten und wenn es einem nicht passt dann geht man nicht hin. Und man sollte sich in seiner Kritik immer maessigen und Respekt haben, denn man ist Gast. Auch in euren Laendern ist nicht alles perkfekt.
Dear Drago and all those who put their critics on this pages : All countries have their own habits and if you don't like it, dont' go there. And criticism has to be respectfull as we are guests. Also in your contries not everything is perfect.

drago - 19.11.2014 12:25

das mit den web cam,s sagt doch alles aus . schönes land,nette leute aber keinen elan.die muss man richtig in den hintern tretten,das gleiche mit den Handwerkern komme ich heute nicht dann in 4 Monaten vielleicht.das ganze land ist ein Erholungsheim

Musikschule - 19.11.2014 11:03

Seit vielen Wochen sind durchschnittlich 3 von 5 Webcams "out of order" : Temporary offline !
Nicht unbedingt eine Werbung für den Fremdenverkehrsort Opatija und sicherlich kein Renommee für den Tourismusverband der Region Kvarner und für diese Webseite.

Sandor - 17.11.2014 09:40

Ki a felelős,hogy nem üzemel a webcamera!!!!!

Jan - 16.10.2014 08:47

Looked at these cameras before my trip but they mean so much more viewing them on my return. Pity they are not all working. Had a wonderful holiday and loved the area and especially the lungomare walk from one end to the other.

Ime - 24.09.2014 09:04

Administartor je vec nekoliko napisao, ako se dobro sjecam, da je taj projekt kamera privatan pa da ovise o dobroj volji, sredstvima itd...

Nancy - 14.09.2014 14:57

Summer has come to an end as the water park is being removed. 2014 must have been one of the wettest summers in Opatija and the price structure on sunbeds on the beach does not encourage the tourists to use them also the lack of showers, toilets the owners of the slatina need to get organised and provide to the tourists needs, plus side great beach bar bantana and friendly staff.

bergs michl - 12.09.2014 08:26

kommen nächste Woche nach Rabac hoffen auf besseres Wetter.

Sandra - 06.09.2014 12:52

Marvellous! Thanks for attending to 3 of the cameras. What's happening with webcam 2 and 3?

Vladimir Helman - 06.09.2014 12:31

Bit ce nam drago ako popravite kameru br .2 i br. 3 .( vec dugo vremena su neispravne )
Pokazivanje Opatije u zivo ulazi u nase izlete u Opatiju , tako bit cemo zahvalni da sve kamere su OK

Hasi - 02.09.2014 22:57

Zuviel Regen in opatija, deshalb in diesem Jahr Fuerteventura. Wir freuen uns auf's nächste Jahr im hoffentlich sonnigen opatija!! Liebe Grüße

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