Croatian Walk of Fame

Croatian Walk of Fame

Croatian Walk of Fame is located in Opatija's Slatina. Commission for the nominations is formed by individuals representing the Croatian lexicographic Institute, the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists, the Croatian Olympic Committee, Institute Rudjer Boskovic, a total of fifteen institutions. The task is to nominate ten people (five posthumously).
The first eight are set to honor Nikola Tesla, Miroslav Radman, Dragutin Tadijanovic Krleza, Drazen Petrovic, Janica Kostelic, Kresimir Cosic and Oliver Dragojevic.

In Opatija "Croatian Walk of Fame" at the Slatina are currently 32 marble stars with names of prominent Croatian athletes, scientists and artists.

Sports: Janica Kostelić (2005) - Krešimir Ćosić (2005) - Goran Ivanišević (2006) - Matija Ljubek (2006) - Ivano Balić (2007) - Bernard Vukas (2007) - Blanka Vlašić (2008) - Mate Parlov (2008)

Culture and art : Dragutin Tadijanović (2005) - Miroslav Krleža (2005) - Rade Šerbedžija (2006) - Fabijan Šovagović (2006) - Pero Kvrgić (2007) - Tin Ujević (2007) - Vesna Parun (2008) - Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić (2008)

Science: Nikola Tesla (2005) - Miroslav Radman (2005) - Ivan Đikić (2006) - Ruđer Bošković (2006) - Željko Reiner (2007) - Ivan Supek (2007) - Korado Korlević (2008) - Slavoljub Eduard Penkala (2008)

Extra : Oliver Dragojević (2005) - Dražen Petrović (2005) - Boris Dvornik (2006) - Ivo Robić (2006) - Oliver Mlakar (2007) - Đorđe Novković (2007) - Miroslav Ćiro Blažević (2008) - Zdenko Runjić (2008)

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