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November 2018.

Slatina, OpatijaFriday, 30.11.2018. - 30.12.2018.


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December 2017.

OpatijaFriday, 1.12.2017. - 3.12.2017.

Opatija | 01. - 03.12.2017.

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September 2017.

OpatijaSunday, 17.9.2017. - 24.9.2017.

Opatija | 17. - 24.09.2017.

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August 2017.

OpatijaFriday, 18.8.2017. - 20.8.2017.

>info: Udruga Kulturni front
Opatija | 18. - 20.08.2017.

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July 2017.

OpatijaFriday, 7.7.2017. - 9.7.2017.

Liburnia Jazz Festival has been the reference point of Croatian and European jazz, since the audience as usually the first weekend in srpna represents the established names in jazz music, musicians, who gained worldwide fame or young and promising artists whose talent has yet to become internationally recognized. During the festival, jazz music can be heard from almost every terrace, but also from the sea since the Opatija waters then navigates the popular "Jazz Boat". The highlight of each day takes place on the summer stage, where performances main festival stars.

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June 2017.

OpatijaThursday, 29.6.2017. - 2.7.2017.

Shop windows and bars will be set design, and the entire twentieth century theme of the largest and most massive event in Opatija, which will bring together hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors, and to evoke the memory of the "svingajuće" thirties, "crazy" seventies, "rock 'eighties and all other periods will be presented authentic fashion, music, decoration, but also offer caterers and local craftsmen.

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Hotel Kvarner, OpatijaThursday, 1.6.2017. - 4.6.2017.

Natjecanje u bridžu

01.06. 20:00 h Parsko prvenstvo

02.-04.06. Timsko prvenstvo

Bridge sportski klub Opatija
098 9060 256

Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner | 01.-04.06.

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April 2017.

OpatijaTuesday, 18.4.2017. - 23.4.2017.

Festival of Independent Theatre is the national theater festival at which gathers more than a hundred top actors, directors and other theater professionals from all over the Croatia. The program of the event is the result of careful selection of the best materials on the basis of a public tender in which regularly reports several interested theaters. During the six days, takes place twenty performances for all ages, and a series of side events such as workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

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OpatijaThursday, 13.4.2017. - 17.4.2017.

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