Liburnia Jazz Festival 2014

Liburnia Jazz Festival 2014

Liburnia Jazz Festival opens on Friday, July 4th, Luis Bonilla Medieranean Collective - a group of top musicians led by American jazz musician, with whom will perform Elvis Stanic, Italian drummer Paolo Muscovi and bassist Andy McKee and present potable jazz inspired by fusion of traditional American jazz, Latin musical expression and Mediterranean melodies.

Central evening of the festival, Saturday, July 5th is reserved for concert of Israeli singer Noa, who's performed on almost all of the world's most prestigious stages such as the Roman Colosseum, Carnegie Hall, Olympia, Barbican ...

The festival last night is reserved for Cubismo, on Sunday, July 6, the most important salsa / jazz band in this part of Europe, which's achieved great international success w. the album "Motivo Cubano" recorded in Cuba, in cooperation with members of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club.

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