Womanary 2016

Womanary 2016

7.10.2016. - 9.10.2016.
Hotel Milenij, Opatija

Life as we know it today originates from woman. There are numerous studies, evidence from ancient history that place woman exactly where her place should be today as well, on the pedestal, but unfortunately, through time, with different cultures and religions involved, we had all slowly forgotten it.

It is believed that the first calculations of time, that is the first calendars, were recorded by women who were connecting their natural body rhythm to the observation of the lunar cycle. For thousand of years, in both Eastern and Western civilizations, lunar calendars were based on the menstrual cycle.

One of the oldest discoveries that connect woman to the Moon is the “Goddess of Laussel”, discovered in France, and it is assumed that this carving is dating back between 24,000 and 20,000 years ago. It shows an upright woman’s face, and in many ways it alludes to a strong connection between lunar cycles and menstrual cycles. Woman’s womb gives rise to a new life, therefore women were associated with deities, and in early societies they were the natural leaders of groups and bearers of power. Communities in which they ruled were very cooperative, and based on sharing. There was no violence, no domination, the emphasis was on connection, and strengthening the primary connection with the source of life.

Women run this world and our goal through Womanary is to reawaken within women the self-love that will later on manifest itself in our lives. The weekend for women is an opportunity to learn about collectiveness within ourselves and around us, to connect among ourselves and learn how to achieve the balance between emotions, mind, spirit, and body.

Womanary is the opportunity to step into your essence, awaken the beauty of your being, and improve the quality of life.

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