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Lovran Beaches

Beach Kvarner (Civic) is the main beach in Lovran, located at the east entrance. It's made of sand and concrete. Peharovo Beach is located on the west side of Lovran. The beach is pebbly and is located under the promenade - lungomare.

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Medveja Beach

Beautiful pebble beach Medveja occupies 44,000 m2 where everyone can find the perfect place for a holiday, with many restaurants and sports facilities.

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Brseč beaches

Between Mošćenička Drage and Brseč are two larger beaches, Uboka and Jelenšćica. Near Brseč is Klančac hamlet, which has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Besides by boat the beaches can be reached via foot paths leading from the main road Rijeka - Pula.

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Spiaggia Tomasevac

Tomasevac Beach is located near the hotel "Ambasador" in Opatija. It is one of the most famous swimming areas of Opatija and is especially suitable for children.

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Beach Skrbici

Beach along Opatija promenade near the Hotel Miramar. The beach is pebbles and concrete, with landscaped sun deck and staircase into the sea.

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