Trattoria Poklon

Vela Učka bb, Ičići, Croatia
Reservations: +385 51 272 222
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Welcome to our inn called "Poklon". Through its rich and long tradition thia building has preserved its beauty, living history, and above all, charisma.

Surely you recall with nostalgia the smell and taste which have been stretched from the kitchen of your moms and grandmothers ... Spend a day in the fresh air with a unique blend of tradition and future in the present.

"Trattoria Poklon" has six double rooms and one triple room where you can rest and sleep with a calm environment and fresh mountain air.


1740. began a road building through Učka. It was completed in the 1785 during the reign of Emperor Joseph II and in his honor was named "Giuseppina".
This is the road which leads today as well from Kastav trough Veprinac to Poklon and all the way down in Vranje tll Pazin. At that time, "Giuseppina" had a first-rate importance, economically and strategically. Pazin was at that time the seat of the county and a strong fort against the Venetian Istria, on the other side of mautain Učka, Kastav and Senj were the strongest fortress on the coast, so the "Giuseppina" fasteners two strongest center of the Austrian part of Istria. In its construction was spent on 180 000 forints but was largely built in the free work.
In remembrance and honor to the Emperor Joseph II in the road "Giuseppina", in the village of Vela Učka was built a Horse watering place which still bears his name, "Water of Joseph II."

Name History

The ridge that separates the mountain Učku and Ćićarija and connects Istra and Kvarner is called Poklon and is situated at an altitude of 922 meters. Poklon originates from the time when the Istrians pilgrimaged on Trsat shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary and saw for the first time, the tower of Our Lady of Trsat, they bowed (Poklon-Naklon).

After the railway construction in the summer of 1887, on the Poklon nature lovers gathered in the "Oesterreichische Touristen Club" built the first house on the mountain, which they dedicated to princess Stephanie, wife of His Imperial and Royal Highness the Prince Rudolph, daughter of Belgian King Leopold II.
At the beginning of the 1930 in order to improve tourism Kvarnerska province becomes duty-free zone - La Zona Franca del Carnero - Die zollfreie Carnaro Zone, and later, by the decision of the Italian Ministry of Finance, and exemptions of gasoline tax.

Accordingly the advantages of the Kvarner region and disadvantages of European capitals on the old shepherd paths and hiking mountain trails of Učka it was created a illegal trade route. In order to put an end to ilegal trade the financial guard builds a barrack on Poklon. In 1958 on the site of the Italian Financial barrack it was built a Guesthouse and Restaurant "Učka" which is still in the same condition.



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